Our Mission 

We live in an ever changing digital landscape, that fuels immediate attention but weakens true connection. Revealed’s mission is to foster true meaningful connection in today's world! 


It’s important to know you are in control of your information. Our hidden profile features allow you to only show what you feel comfortable with to your matches. 

Physical Attraction

We know you have preferences. While blind dating is fun, it becomes a lot more fun when you know the people you are matched with are those you initially are attracted to. 


Online dating can be intimidating, no matter who you are. Ensuring you have control over your information and if you choose to show your matches who your information allows for maximum safety behind your information.

Limited Conversations 

We create great conversation. As a free member, you can have 3 ongoing conversations at once. This allows you to have options but really get to know the people you have matched with. 

Meet people who want to create true meaningful connections, virtually.